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About Roof Repair Replacement in Ft Lauderdale

December 27, 2012

About Roof Repair Replacement in Ft Lauderdale

At there are no comparable roof coating sealant products or short cuts to our roof replacement restoration solution.

Roof Shield System was tested in an Uplift Exam and to date is the only tile roof coating system pull uplift tested  by Dade County on a Florida roof tile system treated with our specialized coating.process. Don’t Re Roof Weatherproof @1/2 The Cost, “The Original Liquid Applied Rubber Roof Shield System”, Restores Protects & Preserves roofs. Our Company shared our Roof Shield System process with Home Depot roofing and siding division for expansion of our brand recognition, they told us they had to see if there was a market for this kind of process, it’s funny ever since they started offering our basic concept in a mirage of different inferior products. There are no comparable roof coat products or short cuts to our roof replacement restoration solution for any roofer or roofing company.

 If you have already had a roof repair or your roof replaced to stop roof leaks, or received estimates from several roofing contractors in Florida, Ft Lauderdale, Broward County, before spending more than you have too and destroy all those expensive tiles or tear off that commercial flat roof seriously consider putting our proven roof coating sealant system on it and save thousands of dollars in roofing costs. Do you have old cement barrel or shingle roof or commercial or residential flat roof that needs a roof restoration service, roof painting to add color or roof waterproofing to stop roof leaks? Just install our Roof Shield System and you will save thousands, make it stronger than a new roof, look like a new roof replacement and in just a few days your roof will be able to withstand winds of over 300 miles per hour. “Call Today @ 800-871-0503  for your Roof Shield System   evaluation ! “

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