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Commercial Roof Replacement Coating Fort Lauderdale Florida

November 19, 2012
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The original liquid applied rubber roof shield system

If you have already had your commercial roof repaired or your roof replaced to stop roof leaks, or received estimates from several commercial roofing contractors in Florida, Ft Lauderdale, Broward County, before spending more than you have to on your commercial roof,  seriously consider putting our proven commercial roof coating sealant system on it and save thousands of dollars. Do you have an old commercial roof or flat commercial roof that needs a roof restoration service, roof painting to add color or roof waterproofing to stop roof leaks ? Just install our Commercial Roof Shield System and you will save thousands, make it stronger than a new roof, look like a new commercial roof replacement and in just a few days. (More Info)

It is in our opinion the strength of new commercial roofing construction at its first line of defense is inadequate at to repair given the new commercial roofing cost, A new flat commercial roof is simply not worth it, unless an inordinate amount of rotten wood is found during an inspection of your commercial roof (there are many ways to verify those sections or suspect spots in your roof whether there is room to look in the attic or not). We understand that upgrading is important and sometimes warranted with respect to the challenging real estate demographics, nevertheless if you have a new roof you would still want to seriously consider adding our system to it.

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